This is my first attempt at my own webpage. I hope that you enjoy it. I have divided everything up into categories to try and make it easier to find the stuff you need. Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated. Changes, additional links, etc. will be added based on your input. We want you to be able to call this- MY WEB SPACE

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Find links to some of the most popular shopping sites on the internet.
Free Stuff
Links to web pages that offer freebies, samples, and other neat stuff.
Personal recipes. Recipes submitted by users. Links to other cooking sites.
Links to sites that just dont quite fit in other categories.
Find great sites with games, chats, etc. Even a special Pokemon section.
Links to driver homepages. Links to racing pages. Links to fans' homepages.

*NOTE: new categories will be added based on user input, please send any and all suggestions to: MyWebSpace@mailcity.com

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