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Here are some sites for all you children out there.
And even some for the adults wanting to be a kid again.

For All Kids
Dr. Seuss Home Come visit the world of Dr. Seuss. See the Cat in the Hat and all the other Seuss characters. Games, Contests, and Events.

FurbyLand Visit Furby BabyLand, make your own home pages, news, games, info on collectibles, and links to more sites.

So Weird Disney Channels'-- Zoog Disney. Great Graphics, Email, Chat, Polls, Arcade Games, Free Images and Sounds, and much, much more!!

FreeZone Chat, Games, Create your own webpage, Sports News, even more....

SuperSite for Kids Games, Puzzles, Coloring, and even homework help

CyberKids Art, Contests, Games, Music, Chats, Bulletin Boards

KidsDomain Plenty of Pokemon stuff, Contests, Online Games, Crafts. Even a section for Grownups. PARENTS..check this out..great stuff for you!!!

Kids-Korner Chatroom, Games, links to other kids' sites

Pokemon Sites The Official WebSite. Cartoons, Games, Comics, Cards, Downloads, other goodies.. Find the newest Pokemon info here.

Fields of Pokemon Game info, Codes, Walkthroughs, Cheats, Downloads, and Links.

Flareon's Pokemon Page Pokemon News, Secrets, Quiz, Game info, and Card Info.

KidsDomain Plenty of Pokemon stuff. Pokemon games, graphics, download free Pokemon icons, and other stuff.

Pokemon Safari Zone Pictures, Games, the Pokemon story, Character Bios, Pokemon dictionary, Downloads, and game information.

Hasbro Collectibles Find out about toys, figures, and other collectibles.

Pokemon Trading Cards Official site for the Pokemon Trading Card Game! Collecting strategies, Puzzles, and other fun stuff.

Pocket Realm Up to date news, stories and articles. Game info, Art, Coloring, and free downlaods.

Pokemon Arena News, Updates, Gaming Info, Cool Graphics.

Pokemon games & videos at Games Universe!

For Girls
Barbie's Homepage Preview the new Barbie dolls. Look in the past at the old Barbie's. Online activities, also design your own Barbie online.

A Girl's World For girls ages 7-15. Crafts, Articles, Stories, Contests, and Interviews.